Brutus + red ball

This is what our dog does. Just goes ape for a giant inflatable ball from Target.  He doesn’t really enjoy the play, more  the killing of the ball.


Our Savannah mini-vacation


Happy4thI know it’s not the 4th yet, but there’s too much energy and patriotism is this photo, it had to be posted 2 days early. (that and we’re getting outta dodge this weekend)

you’d think we didn’t care…

Picture 9… about keeping up with this site. We do care but we’ve been to busy with work, taking photos, loving on friends and mourning the loss of Billy Mays.

(photo collage of our new house , taken with my new love, 110 film.


Picture 2

Fixin’ to be Fixin’

As with many moves we’ve had over the years, you want to get your new home DIALED IN before you really get comfortable. With our new place, the place we bought, this is no exception and there seems to be an even bigger TO DO list than normal. For the big stuff, we called in the master, mr. fix-it, a.k.a. : Paul (dad) Manley. He came down last week, taking a few days of vacation from his 9 to 5 to help jump-start our fixin’ -up.

He arrived with his Porsche 911, filled with all sorts of tools and electrician equipment… and a lawnmower. If you know anything about a Porsche, there isn’t a ton of in room there – but somehow he fit it onto the passenger seat. (putting that Ohio State engineering degree to use)


Over the next few days we put did some electrical work by putting in a celling fan/light and outlet on our back porch, new microwave over the stove along with some under-the-cabinet lighting. He also built us a gate for our front porch so when we open the front door, Brutus won’t dart into the street. It was a very productive weekend.

With all of my dad’s help, we never got anything unpacked. I guess that’s what this weekend is for.




Mean Everything to Artwork


The Fine fellas in Manchester Orchestra played Late Show with David Letterman last night and they killed it. And Dave held up my artwork. Pretty good night.

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